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        Lighting industry Tension and brand value

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        Swift and violent development of lighting decoration highlights tensile force of and value of brand

        In recent ten years , China’s lighting decoration industry keeps developing continually at a ratio of 20% ,which comes as a result of advance by leaps and bounds of the construction of China’s urbanization andstruggle and aggressiveness of broad lighting enterprises.

        Last year, China’s lighting industry met with certain dilemma where the sales volume of some manufacturers fallen by a large margin and even some manufacturers dropped out the market in low spirits.However, during the course of making an annual inventory of the whole lighting industry,we have also received a number of surprises. NVC lighting and Guoxing photoelectric successfully came into the market,which realized the changeover from private enterprise to public enterprise. Xiamen Topstar , sunshine lighting are the first to start the program of the recycling of discarded LED lights ,which fully embodies a sense of social responsibility . Some second-class brand , such as Aux lighting , Qiaoshen lighting and Juhao lighting are struggling ahead on the way to catch up with the first-class brand. Their efforts have helped them to win the more and more market share.Some new and vigorous band , such as Meidi lighting, Bingxiang lighting , Maile lighting suddenly came as a big surprise , which made us feel that lighting industry is full of vigor and great energy.



        Whether it is in traditional lighting field or in LED field of upstart light source, the tensile and value of brand was fully embodied last year. In the journey of forging brand, in addition to self-confidence and ideal, applause and recognition from all levels in society as a result of which “Top ten brands of this industry have come into existence. To be summarized, the level and speed of development of the industry depends on the influence the environment of large economy,meanwhile it also depends on the principal part of the industry ----The Height of the quality of brand enterprise.

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